Wednesday, January 17, 2018

Butter Coffee Recipe

Butter Coffee:

Butter coffee is a wonderful addition to any Keto diet but it only works if you put in the work.  It's basically a meal replacement, so, if you're just adding it to your breakfast, don't expect good results.  The idea is to drink this in place of your breakfast and lunch to help your body get into and stay in ketogenesis/ketosis.  Then, at dinner time, be sure you're still keeping the carbs low to none.

Butter coffee is a rich, thick, creamy drink that is delicious if it's your thing.  It can be sweetened with Splenda (or a knock-off brand, just make sure it's 0 carb,) or your favorite 0 carb sweetener, but I like the taste of coffee, so, leave mine as is.

You will need a personal blender*
Your choice of coffee**
1-2 Tablespoons of grass-fed, natural butter***
1-2 Tablespoons of coconut oil or MCT oil****

This is real simple - While your coffee is brewing, slice off 1-2 tablespoons of your butter and add it with the 1-2 tablespoons of coconut oil to your blender.  Pour the coffee over the butter and oil, seal it up (each blender's a bit different, just follow the instructions included with yours,) and blend for at least 30 seconds to make sure it all mixes well.

If it's too hot, add a cube or two of ice but be cautious not to add too much as cooling it off too much can cause the butter to re-solidify and you don't want that.

Furthermore, if you choose to add a sweetener, I find it best to add before blending as what better way to stir it in?

It's best to start with 1 tablespoon each butter and coconut oil as they are rich, creamy, heavy fats and some don't care for the texture that results.  If you can take it, or in fact like it, stick with two each as this will help keep you full and satiated throughout the day.

If you feel you need a bit more sustenance, I add 1 raw, washed egg before blending (out of the shell, of course, but always wash the shell first)

* Think Magic Bullet or similar devices, though my $10 Mainstays blender works wonderfully, albeit it's louder than sin - And that link is just for your convenience, I have no referral program or anything and get nothing for you clicking it.

** You can brew a pot, single serve Kuerig style, individual glass via French Press, it doesn't matter - just pick a coffee you like (carb free, note some K-cups and similar knock-offs have sugar added

*** I use Kerrygold unsalted, most Walmarts sell it

**** Do your own research here, I use Liquid Coconut Oil by BetterBodyFoods, sold in my local Walmart as it claims 78% MCTs and, the way this stuff makes me feel, I believe them.  It's about eight dollars a bottle, but will last for quite a while (one lasts me 2-3 weeks and I make my coffee twice a day plus cook with this oil.)

From The Top

All right, folks... Here we go again.

I will be completely overhauling the blog today.  The recipes that got some +1s I'll keep around, but they'll be moved to a new page titled Non-Keto.

That's right, we're going full-blown Keto now.  Say what you will, but it's been treating me quite wonderfully.  I've lost 30 pounds in the last month and a half and that's without fully incorporating the practices.  Now, I'm full-on Keto and feel better than I ever have.  Just worked a 6-day work week at a job that's grueling, to say the least, and I'm good.  Could not have said that a few months ago.

So, with that said, I'll cover some Keto basics for you, and keep them vague.  It's not my goal here to fully educate you on the Keto diet.  There's Google for that.  It's my goal to bring you some quick and easy (and still tasty) dishes to help you on your high-fat-low-carb merry little way.

I'll be listing everything from mug breads to carb-free gummy bears you can make in minutes that are as good, if not better, than most anything you find in the store (oh, and CHEAPER!)

I'll try to walk you through the best ways to do this diet on a budget as I know the real elitists out there don't think we should steer away form all organic, high end, grass fed everything.  When it comes to the butter coffee (yes, I said butter coffee, yes, it's awesome,) I invest the money, it makes a difference in taste if nothing else, but everything else, I go budget.

Thursday, September 7, 2017


All right, then, from the top...

I'm not going to sit here and tell you all that I'll have the page back up and running full steam, or that if I do, it will be any time soon.  I will tell you that I've got a plethora of recipes and healthy meal ideas for the single, on-the-go parent/worker-bee who might not have (or want to spend) too much time or money on complicated, healthy meals.  God willing, I'll get the videos up, recipes posted, and some short reviews to come.

Until then, feel free to check out my other blog on the fitness side of my transformation here in the mean time!

I have some other projects in the works, but am currently juggling work, kids, appointments, helping out with the little family I've got in this area, and trying desperately to grow a social life (*snickers* well, maybe not desperately, but, you know, I like to get out.)

Wednesday, February 17, 2016


We have to apologize that we have been out of touch since putting this out there. We will start putting some great things up here soon. We've got some recipes we use in the household that we have no idea where they originally came from and will use those, as well as ones we've found and know where they originate. Of course, anyone is welcome to post recipes they enjoy on the Google+ page to share.

We hope you enjoy!

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